If a human preserved through cryonics is successfully brought back to life before 2100, how will it happen first?

Uploading: extracting info from the neurons to use in a computer or a new body.
Repair: Getting the original neurons to function, or replacing them in-situ with artificial ones.

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I anticipate a long spectrum from let’s chill this person while we do the surgery to let’s really chill this person while we transport organs for the surgery to let’s really seriously chill this person while we print the organs for the surgery, maybe put a bit of glycol in there to let’s get this person genuinely cold while we work out how to do the surgery. Where in this spectrum with the market resolve?

@HastingsGreer the person has to be legally dead for a month and then brought back to consciousness

"Brought back to consciousness" sounds better.

Not all life criterias would be valid in uploading case.