Will 2022 Atlas Fellows launch startups worth >$100 million by the end of 2024?

Will the 2022 cohort of the Atlas Fellowship (atlasfellowship.org, consisting of 128 talented individuals) co-found startups with post-money valuations that add up to more than $100 million by the end of 2024?

I will only count credible valuations (including valuation caps of Safe investments and angel investments that aren't obviously at an inflated valuation). E.g. if a well-known VC fund invests $5 million at a $100 million valuation in a Fellow-run startup this resolves YES. But if a Fellow mints 10 million crypto tokens and sells ten of them at $10 each, it doesn't count.

Startups that were already being co-founded or received investments prior to the creation of this market (or prior to joining the Atlas Fellowship) are included in the total amount. Startups that attained a high valuation but then failed are not included.

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so undervalued lol

One of the reasons people use safes vs convertibles/equity is to avoid valuing the company right? Taking cap as valuation is probably a little aggressive. (Zfellows / Soma uncapped safes are good examples)

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They rejected me post-interview and thus cannot be that good a spotting talent. Ṁ30 on NO

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@Khazar_Man_From_Turan We probably messed up!

@NicholasCharette73b6 what do you know lol

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fwiw @LukeBousfield is now a z-fellow giving his company a valuation of 1 billion based on their investment. https://www.zfellows.com/#faqs

@jackgwhit Haha, well I don't think that counts sadly

My understanding is current valuations add up to $1m+$3.5m+$7m = $11.5 million

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