Full self driving cars will be legal with no need for human interaction in any country by the end of 2025?

The driver could be asleep for the entirety of the trip and the car would arrive safely to the destination in such a way that it would be legalized somewhere int he world.

The trip needs to be between any of the territory of a single country, intra city trips do not count.

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Isn't this already true in every country where it isn't explicitly forbidden? This seems to be something that's legal by default, no?

@CelebratedWhale Probably should clarify that I want it to be explicitly permitted. I am going to try and improve the description soon.

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Uhh, Waymo can already drive between cities in Arizona right now, totally unmanned.

For that matter, they've been authorized to drive across at least 3 counties in the Bay Area. (Although unlike Arizona, they don't do it yet)

@DavidFWatson needs to be allowed in the entirity of a country

@JoaoPedroSantos this is counterintuitive for the somewhere in the world phrasing

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International waters

@MartinRandall These are famously not regulated by laws so I don't know we could say any law allows it. Also I clarified in the comments that the trip should be anywhere in a territory of a country

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