Will a fully autonomous, Level 5 self driving car be available for purchase in the US by the year 2040?

Will you be able to buy a fully autonomous, Level 5 self-driving car in the US by 2040? While the development of self-driving cars is moving quickly, there are still many challenges to overcome before they become widely available.

Level 5 autonomous car cruising down the highway

This question will resolve positively if a Level 5 autonomous car is available for purchase in the US by December 31, 2040. Level 5 refers to "steering wheel optional" autonomy, where the vehicle can perform all required functions with zero intervention.

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For purchase by individuals? Currently, the business case is to have fleets of robo-taxis. Nobody plans to sell them to end customers afaik.

predicts NO

L5 is the only level that means anything. The rest are to troll nerds with rhetorical arguments about their car being able to cross a volcano.

@MarkIngraham I disagree, Waymo's Taxis are Level 4, because they're limited to only a single region. If Waymo had a ton more cars and was active in 50 US cities instead of like 3, that would 'mean something'.

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