Will we ever cure cancer?
closes Oct 1

Will we ever 'cure' cancer? As in, sure we can get cancer, but we reduce the mortality rate to 0% given a certain type of treatment, or 'cure'. (Not everyone has to have access to that cure).

Since this will not (likely) happen in our lifetime, resolves to the majority (YES if % > 50, No otherwise)

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JonathanRay avatar
Jonathan Ray

I’d totally bet this down to 20% if it were a real world resolution criterion for 2050

JonathanRay avatar
Jonathan Ray

self-resolution criteria make it nothing to do with prediction

KevinLobLaw avatar
Kevin Blaw

This question is a cure to the never-resolve cancer that takes up a lot of Manifold O2

MartinModrak avatar
Martin Modrák

It is very unlikely there will be a single treatment since cancer is not a single disease, rather a very varied group of diseases. I presume the resolution does not require a single cure for all types of cancer, right? A single cure is very unlikely, curing subtypes separately is IMHO somewhat plausible(well unless you count something like "shoot everyone diagnosed with cancer" as a resolution- that would indeed reduce deaths by cancer to 0 and is already "available" to some.)

LightLawliet avatar
Light Lawliet

Is there a potential medical reason why this could not be done?

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MartinModrak avatar
Martin Modrák

@LightLawliet A possible problem would be requiring exactly zero mortality. Even for diseases we would generally consider to have a "cure" (e.g. scurvy, streptococcal tonsillitis), the mortality with correct treatment is certainly low, but not quite zero (e.g. because for people that are already frail, the disease might have done irreparable damage already before it is diagnosed)

SavioMak avatar
Savio Mak

resolve to market % is a better way to do this sort of question