Who will be manifold’s favorite user? (Resolves to % for each option)
resolved Apr 22

I will make a poll a week from now and it will be open for a week. Anyone can add answers and all added answers will be on the poll. Each answer resolves to the % of people who answered it.

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@JaimeSantaCruz remember it resolves to the percent of voters who choose the option not yes to the most popular answer

Poll is out

bought Ṁ10 @firstuserhere NO



I really like how good @Austin was at being the public face of Manifold and kinda miss him now that he stepped down 😔

bought Ṁ2 @Joshua YES

What is the source of Mira's popularity?

@TheAllMemeingEye A mix of those who genuinely enjoy Mira's wit and memes, and those who pretend to so that they are less likely to be made into widgets when the Mirangularity happens

@Tumbles Have I just happened to only see out-of-context Mira at their worst or is the majority of their wit made up of extreme misanthropy? Like I've seen them claim they wouldn't bother ending slavery if sent back in time, and that they wouldn't spare anyone but themselves if they had control over an ASI

@TheAllMemeingEye It sounds like you might have misinterpreted the slavery question but I'm not interested in going over it personally. As for the ASI thing, it might just not be up your alley. That's ok though, there were likely only so many cat paws to go around anyways

bought Ṁ10 @Mira NO

@Tumbles lmao what does cat paws mean?

@TheAllMemeingEye big, fluffy cat paws that make it impractical to perform even simple tasks

sold Ṁ1 @firstuserhere YES

@Tumbles oh right you mean the weird human pets thing lol

Reminder the market resolves to a % for each user not necessarily yes if the user gains the most votes

sold Ṁ95 Other NO

@JamesF jeeze thanks for pointing that out , you should put something in the title

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