Will Wizards of the Coast release a set where 100% of the art is AI-created before 2028?

Any set; even something like a Secret Lair where the AI art is the gimmick. A bit of human editing is allowed, as long as it was mostly AI.

Inspired by https://twitter.com/cgpgrey/status/1629966953203761152

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I was almost gonna make this market! They make so many Secret Lairs these days that it’s pretty plausible.

predicts NO

@Conflux I think the backlash would be too large. They're willing to anger people about some things, but others. (e.g. Noah Bradley, Terese Neilson.)

@IsaacKing You don’t think they’d do it for a gimmick Secret Lair? Maybe with AI/robot-themed cards? I’m not predicting for a real set.

@Conflux Hmm, maybe? Still seems risky.

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