Will websites give up on bot detection using captcha-like tasks by 2028?

A "captcha-like task" is any task designed to be easily doable on a computer by a human and very difficult for bots.

If websites are still frequently using such tasks at the beginning of 2029, this market resolves NO. If they've switched over to other forms of verification like third-party documentation (e.g. a driver's license), biometric data, or given up entirely on telling bots apart from humans, it resolves YES.

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Some websites are still using barely distorted text with a line through it as a captcha and that has been defeatable for a decade or so, how about the main X providers (Google, hCaptcha, and so on) not offering / strongly discouraging those tasks?

What counts as a task? E.g., what if the "task" is providing some biometric evidence that you are the person you claim to be? Would that count?

@ag No