Will Tom Cruise by the end of 2023?
closes 2024

Resolves YES if I find strong evidence that Tom Cruise has gone on a cruise before the end of the year. Otherwise resolves NO.

(Doesn't count any instances of Tom Cruising before market creation.)

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He went on a cruise in his own yacht back in 2021

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Britney Spears (spearfishing)

Megan Foxes (goes fox hunting)

Bill Gates (gates access to the files of microsoft)

Donald Trumps (plays a professional bridge competition)

Ben Affleckted



Tom Bradys

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Sinclair Chen

Brad Pit (people against each other)
Jodie Foster (children)
Emma Stone (sinners)
Orlando Bloom
Dakota Fanning

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what if he cruises for gay sex

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@taco No.

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David Mathersis predicting NO at 18%

Does it count if he goes on a trip on his own/some other famous person's private yacht?

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@DavidMathers Oh, hmm. As per the title I'd say yes, but as per the description I'd say no. I failed to consider the difference between the verb "to cruise" and the much more restrictive noun "a cruise".

The title is obviously the primary purpose of this market, so I feel like I should edit the description to match it, but that would likely increase the probability a bit and seems unfair to NO traders.

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