resolved Jan 4

Resolves YES if I find strong evidence that Tom Cruise has gone on a cruise before the end of the year. Otherwise resolves NO.

(Doesn't count any instances of Tom Cruising before market creation.)

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Is this the first definition or the second definition? Does it have to be for pleasure or if he's filming an action movie on a boat, does that count?

@EliTyre He must have actually been on a cruise, not just have been cruising. (Otherwise any plane ride would count.)

If it's for a movie that's fine. But it has to have been a real cruise, not just a soundstage mocked up to look like one.

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@IsaacKing What if he's traveling on a military cruiser. Would that count?

@EliTyre Hmm. I think I'd have to say no.

Justin Timberlake front property

Will Taylor Swifter?

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what if its... like... during a movie shoot? that's still cruising... right? 😉

@KyleWan If he actually cruises, sure.

He went on a cruise in his own yacht back in 2021

(Doesn't count any instances of Tom Cruising before market creation.)

Britney Spears (spearfishing)

Megan Foxes (goes fox hunting)

Bill Gates (gates access to the files of microsoft)

Donald Trumps (plays a professional bridge competition)

Ben Affleckted



Tom Bradys

Brad Pit (people against each other)
Jodie Foster (children)
Emma Stone (sinners)
Orlando Bloom
Dakota Fanning

what if he cruises for gay sex

@taco No.

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Does it count if he goes on a trip on his own/some other famous person's private yacht?

@DavidMathers Oh, hmm. As per the title I'd say yes, but as per the description I'd say no. I failed to consider the difference between the verb "to cruise" and the much more restrictive noun "a cruise".

The title is obviously the primary purpose of this market, so I feel like I should edit the description to match it, but that would likely increase the probability a bit and seems unfair to NO traders.

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