Will this market get at least 75 traders by the end of March? [Advertisement feature test]
resolved Apr 3

I'm testing out the new ads feature. I've created 8 identical markets; this one and 7 others. For each of them I'm purchasing different amounts of advertisements.

It's possible for people to figure out which are which by checking the market URL that the ad links to, but I politely request that you don't do so, or at least don't post it in the comments.

After the markets all close, I'll post a list of which markets had what ads purchased for them and how many traders they each got, and we can see whether the ads had any noticible impact.

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No ads: 11 traders

No ads: 13 traders

No ads: 11 traders

M$100 spent: 11 traders

M$200 spent: 13 traders

M$300 spent: 22 traders

M$400 spent: 16 traders

M$500 spent: 30 traders

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