Will Manifold Markets declare bankruptcy before 2025?
closes 2025

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NathanpmYoung avatarNathan Young
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Will Manifold have a convenient way to create a bunch of markets about “basically the same topic” by the end of 2023?
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By the end of 2024, will Manifold's search function still be worse than Google at finding relevant markets?
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September 2023 - Average questions created per day on Manifold Markets
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Will Manifold take a market down in 2023?
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Will Mr. Beat post a prediction market on Manifold in 2023?
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Will Manifold Markets become an echo-chamber of AI enthusiasts and Destiny (the streamer) fans in 2023?
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Will Manifold allow users to create Yes/No Markets that aren't initialized to 50/50 by end-of-year 2023?
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Will I push a change that is destructive to Manifold Markets 2023?
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Will Manifold Markets raise a series A from an institutional investor in 2023?
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Will I be able to create matrix markets on Manifold by end of 2023?
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