Will Elon abide by the results of their Twitter poll "Should I step down as head of Twitter?"

Must occur within a reasonable time frame. If it resolves YES, waiting a week or two to step down is fine. Waiting 3 months is not.

Close date updated to 2023-02-01 12:00 am

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Isaac Kingis predicting YES at 6%

Will resolve NO in 48 hours unless someone convinces me otherwise.

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@IsaacKing I don't think it's unreasonable to expect him to wait until he's found the right person, but from the perspective of the market criteria, I think it is fair to resolve NO.

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Felais predicting NO at 6%

Will this resolve NO now? @IsaacKing :)

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Isaac Kingis predicting YES at 6%

@fela We're coming up on about a month and a half. Unless someone with more knowledge of how hard it is to find a replacement CEO can convince me otherwise, I don't think I can call this a reasonable delay.

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Isaac Kingis predicting YES at 51%

How do we feel? Has Elon behaved honorably?

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Forrest Tayloris predicting YES at 51%

@IsaacKing I can't call him honorable until he apologizes to the cave diver he baselessly accused of being a "pedo"

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Forrest Tayloris predicting YES at 51%

@ForrestTaylor correction: I can't call Fauci honorable until prosecute apologizes

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Matt Reardon

@IsaacKing Can we get an actual resolution date? Description implies March 18, but I'm guessing you regard it as something earlier than that.

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Jesus Of Sivaris predicting NO at 54%

@MattReardon Agree that we need an actual resolution date.

I think that, based on the fact that another poll closes February 2023, this one will resolve based on Elon's actions during January 2023 at most.

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Nicois predicting NO at 65%

He has announced he plans to leave once a successor is found. If he remains as CEO until after the close date, does this resolve NO anyway? It could take some time to find a replacement.

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Forrest Taylor

It's nice that this poll respects Musk's claim of using nonbinary pronouns

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Yevbought Ṁ10 of NO

If the poll answer is NO, does this resolve YES automatically?

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Isaac Kingbought Ṁ40 of YES

@Yev No, he'll need to not step down within a few weeks.

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Isaac Kingbought Ṁ25 of YES