What's my IQ?

If I ever get a professional IQ test, this market will resolve to that result.

(There's quite a bit of variance in IQ tests, can be as much as 20 points or more sometimes. But I'm not gonna take a bunch of tests and use the average, that's way too much work, and doesn't entirely solve the problem if I'm just good or bad at test-taking. So this resolves to the first test result I get, even if it seems likely to be an over or under estimate.)

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@IsaacKing Interesting, I just came across this market.

I took an official, real-world test when I was 10. Since then, however, I've been treated for mental illness and am able to accomplish significantly more tasks than when I was 20 years old.

I wonder if the score would go up, having been given treatment that did not exist 30 years ago. But these online tests are probably not as rigorous as the ones given in-person, which indicates to me that I probably would score higher even if I didn't actually do any better.

Just took this. Got 38/50, which it claims corresponds to an IQ of 133. That's pretty consistent with the other online test at least!

(I clearly am supposed to be answering these faster. Out of the 38 questions I answered I got them all right, but I didn't have enough time to do the last 12.)

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@IsaacKing 46/50 here(not that it affects your market). I might be biased by seeing your comment though and knowing that I need to work fast. So I skipped checking answers when I usually wouldn't.

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Mira just linked this, seems like fun. Should I resolve this market based on it, or is this not professional enough?


@IsaacKing it would be nice to resolve all the IQ markets off the same test...

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I'm thinking no, it's not a real test. Also I want to take it now for fun, but I'm really tried and will probably do poorly.

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[Deleted, I need to learn to read things more carefully. Maybe I won't take this while I'm tired...]

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Argh. Did not realize how much of a factor the time limit would be, I wasted a lot of time on a few hard questions early on. Should have just skipped them.

Frustrating that it doesn't tell you how skipped questions are scored so I didn't know if I should guess when I could narrow it down to two possibilities. Also that it doesn't tell me which ones I got wrong! Ah well.

@IsaacKing Personally, no. A huge amount of effort goes into the calibration and updating of WAIS and SB to keep them reliable, and from what I can tell, AGCT is from the 60s?

@IsaacKing I don’t see why you can’t take it twice.

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[Duplicate comment, deleted]

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I'm surprised people keep betting this up so high. Olivia's IQ test was 122, and from what I've seen of her on this site, I expect mine is a bit lower, at least when it comes to matters of math and programming.

@IsaacKing Why use just one data point? IIRC the average LessWrong user self-report is in the 140s. You can also look up averages by college major, for example.

@StevenK "IIRC the average LessWrong user self-report is in the 140s." 🤣 yeah and the average BuzzFeed self-report penis size was three standard deviations over the global average too. I thought LessWrong users were supposed to know about self report bias. 🤣

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@bluerat I agree there's some bias there. IIRC this is self-reports of serious tests, but I don't remember for sure.

@bluerat Maybe they are so rational none of the normal biases or problematic sampling effects apply :P

@bluerat Just found this. Thanks for this comment, I was going to post just about the same reply.

Resolves in 2050 thats a long ass time to take a test

@PeteHensen This market has no end date that's known in advance, it just resolves if/when I get an IQ test. There's no significance to 2050, it was just an arbitrary number I picked as far enough in the future that it wouldn't cause a problem.

@PeteHensen don't rush the man. Genious takes time

What job do you do, and do you think you're better than average at it? I think it can provide a good anchor.

@firstuserhere I answer questions and resolve disputes in a trading card game. :)

In terms of overall skill I think I'm around 50th out of ~5000 total people who do this. (For this game. I don't know about other games.) But that's a deceptive number, as most people don't do this full time and just do it as a hobby, so they spend much less time learning and practicing.

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