resolved Jan 1

There are a lot of posts about the system and claims that it will be deployed soon or even sooner. But no evidence of operation presented so far.

The market resolves YES on a successful interception documented, not just announced.

Although even an isolated deployment would suffice.

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[Removed; I posted the same news that someone did before and was decided did not meet the burden of proof]
the system has been deployed and successfully intercepted a launch

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@CarmelHadar Hillel again

predicted YES

@BenAdams refers to the same tweet, no new information

reported Hillel Hallel, an army and defense correspondent for Israeli commercial television Channel 14, on X

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@ICRainbow Really embarrasing how the media just spreads misinformation without checking. Hillel himself said it was not Iron Beam some 30 minutes after

This is crazy, I didn't even know we have that! And the physics of focusing a laser beam 10km from the source are quite complicated. Impressive.

משרד הביטחון אישר היום (חמישי) כי מערכת ההגנה האווירית "מגן אור" נכנסה לפעילות מבצעית במלחמת "חרבות ברזל"

My translation: The ministry of defense confirmed today (Thursday) that the aerial defense system "Light Shield" [That's the new name for Iron Beam] has become operative in the "Iron Swords" war.

"מגן אור", שנפרסה בדרום הארץ...

"Light Shield", which was deployed in the south of the country...

@ICRainbow Can this resolve? The article clearly states it was deployed.

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@Shump yeah, looks like it. I want one more confirmation though. Should be coming any time soon now.

predicted NO

@ICRainbow I want to apologize, this source does not appear to be reliable. It seems that they've copied the information from a different, more reliable Israeli news source, but instead of writing things in future tense, like the original, they wrote it as if it already happened. I was initially confused by that.

We still need to wait for a source saying the system actually got deployed.

Probably not

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