Will Changpeng Zhao (CZ) do any prison time for money laundering?


Resolves YES if he does any prison time as part of a sentencing.

I will extend close time if proceedings take longer.

Only what CZ pleas to will count. Based from the initial plea agreement with Binance, DOJ, and CZ. If another crime comes up, it will not count to this question.

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Patrick McKenziepredicts YES

I would like to explicitly note that I have a currently active limit order for Yes at 50 and I expect I will get paid if he is sentenced as a result of the current DOJ charges as a result of failure to follow through with his plea agreement.

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iftruethentruebought Ṁ14 of YES

My reason for YES: The DOJ would not have come to a plea agreement with CZ that would NOT yield prison time. They would rather just keep amassing evidence and charges until they could get him in prison.

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Just to clarify, this market is only covering doing time for the things he's accused of in that link, not in any other jurisdiction or future events/charges?

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@Eliza Only the crime he is pleading guilty to in court (I believe Tuesday in Seattle). Any other crime that is outside the scope of this initial plea would not count to this question.