Will Changpeng Zhao (CZ) do any prison time for money laundering?


Resolves YES if he does any prison time as part of a sentencing.

I will extend close time if proceedings take longer.

Only what CZ pleas to will count. Based from the initial plea agreement with Binance, DOJ, and CZ. If another crime comes up, it will not count to this question.

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Hey all - update time.

CZ is currently NOT in prison. He is expecting to serve his four months in SeaTac prison in Seattle.

His status is currently showing as Not in BOP custody using the search function for inmates provided by the BOP (Federal Bureau of Prisons).


Here is an article explaining some possible reasons why he is not currently in SeaTac: https://protos.com/no-changpeng-zhao-isnt-in-prison-yet-heres-why/

@Haws this closes in 2024. will this resolve YES if he serves after 2024?

@Stralor If for whatever reason he is not incarcerated by the close date I will extend. So yes - as long as he serves time due to THIS plea then the question resolves as YES.

I will also add for any1 wondering, the only way this resolves NO (at this point since sentencing has already taken place) is if for whatever reason he gets time served without going to prison or if an appeal overturns anything. I'll stay close to this but this will only resolve NO with a court document going directly against the sentencing in some sort of final reasoning.

PS. I'm not a lawyer

2nd caveat - we will cross the bridge of "If CZ evades prison" if we cross it lol. This question requires CZ to enter a prison cell even for 1 hour to the max 4 months.

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Me again. Here are some publications recently (last 10 mins)




Resolving this question YES. - Does anyone have any objections to me resolving pre prison? on the off chance he dies prior to prison I will unresolve and resolve NO lol. You have 10 mins to voice objections before I resolve this.

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You actually have until I fill my coffee and sit back on my desk. clocks ticking.

@Haws As largest Yes holder, I vote “While intent of question is satisfied wording is not and you should not feel pressured to resolve until he is remanded to custody, which very well could be today.”

@patio11 Fair enough point - no need to rush things.

I'll check back soon to see when he has been placed in custody/transported to prison.


TBD but this question may be resolving soonish. waiting on the official sentencing.

As a caveat, Coindesk reported the sentence was 4 months. Trying to confirm with something official.

"SEATTLE — Changpeng "CZ" Zhao, the founder and former CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Binance, was sentenced Tuesday to four months in prison."


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I would like to explicitly note that I have a currently active limit order for Yes at 50 and I expect I will get paid if he is sentenced as a result of the current DOJ charges as a result of failure to follow through with his plea agreement.

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My reason for YES: The DOJ would not have come to a plea agreement with CZ that would NOT yield prison time. They would rather just keep amassing evidence and charges until they could get him in prison.

Just to clarify, this market is only covering doing time for the things he's accused of in that link, not in any other jurisdiction or future events/charges?

@Eliza Only the crime he is pleading guilty to in court (I believe Tuesday in Seattle). Any other crime that is outside the scope of this initial plea would not count to this question.