Will Curis Wang (former CEO of Bitrue Exchange) be charged with any felony crime before 2030?

Resolves "Yes" if there is credible reporting, or legal documents, showing that Curis Wang (former CEO and cofounder of Bitrue Exchange) has been indicted or criminally charged by police with a serious crime.

Resolves "No" if this does not happen by Jan 1st, 2030. Part of a large question series.

Question is global -- charges in any country count.

Charges count even if they do not lead to a conviction, were settled before a conviction, or if they are not found not guilty.

Examples that count: wire fraud, perjury, assault, arson, theft.
Examples that don't count: littering, possession of small amounts of marijuana.

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A cursory search did not show me the current CEO. If anyone has information, please advise with a link, and I will make a question about them.