Will Y. Lecun turn AI doomer by end 2025 ?

AI doomer : someone who holds pessimistic beliefs about the potential negative impacts of artificial intelligence on humanity's future.

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Isn't his p(doom) 0? Such a brilliant genius must know that no amount of evidence can cause a rational person, even an aspiring one, to move away from a probability of zero.

How does this resolve if it turns out that LeCun is an AI doomer already, and is just lying to protect himself from a future AGI that exterminates people who might want to constrain its development?

@HarrisonNathan For practical reasons let's state that the info must somehow come from himself in a public statement or other trustable revelations/proofs from peers or other.

@Guillaume This was a joke, but the point is that in that case, he would never have "turned" doomer, since he always was one.

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no :(

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