Does the laws of physics in our universe tend to favor the emergence of humanoid intelligent liveforms (terrestrial) ?

Does the laws of physics or an hypothetical computational ruleset of the universe tend to favor humanoids lifeforms over the other physical forms of intelligent entities ?

Advancements in finer computational biology, finer simulations etc... could pave the way to new understandings about this topic in the next decade, helping us anticipate and observe what life could look like in other places in the universe.

If consensus evidence emerge that is it likely to be true in our current understanding, resolves YES.

Resolves NO if no evidence before 2040.

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You're right I should clarify that.

To be considered "intelligent" in this case to my mind it would imply at least some sort of ability to cooperate, having a written language and some basic technological mastery.

Then a humanoid form would imply having a main axial symmetry, one pair of hands, one pair of foots, one head located on the "upper" part of the axial symmetry, and the ability to stand on his foot for a reasonable time.

What is humanoid here? Crows are intelligent, communicate, and use tools. Are they humanoid because they bleed, or because they evolved to be opportunistic scavengers, like us? Or are they not humanoid because they are literally birds?