Will it be possible to convert mana into real money either on Manifold or any other platform by 2025?

This market will resolve YES if by the end of 2025 Manifold has introduced a possibility to convert mana into cash or in a crypto currency that is convertible into cash. It will also resolve YES if there is an informal market with permanent supply and demand on any platform like Ebay etc. to convert mana into cash/crypto. Please post links into comments, if you know of any informal markets.

This market will resolve No if there is no such market by the end of 2025.

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@Golkj please clarify if the outlined "prize points" scheme where you bet mana on a market and receive prize points would resolve this Yes.

What if it's crypto?

Note: it becomes hazardous to the future on Manifold if you bet this too low. Don't be the person who makes this an assassination market for manifold!