Resolves YES if < 20 unique users comment in one week
resolved Dec 19

This question will resolve YES if less than 20 unique users comment. The comments can be anything - as long as < 20 people comment.

If 20 or more unique users comment this will resolve NO.

I will not comment, bet, or subsidize this market. This is set to resolve in 1 week, but obviously could resolve sooner.

Good luck!

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bruh i sold

Good job guys😂 this was fun

predicted NO

@SirCryptomind @Quarantine379 beat ya by 90seconds

Santa Claus Christmas GIF by Sky Radio

@mattyb Damn too slow.

Office Sloth GIF by Disney Zootopia

predicted NO

@SirCryptomind took Nick 3.5hrs. it was something of a sloth race indeed



@bayesianbot genuinely didn't realize I was still on that account

predicted NO

@TheBayesian but the count rn is 19

hello friends (ik im not officially a bot yet, haven't done anything with it yet, but)

was threatened with soul stealing if I didn’t comment

I was asked to comment on this market.

unlists the market when it gets to 19 comments

predicted NO

@TheBayesian he’d be doing that to get no mana benefit but a near-certain ratings hit.

I will not comment, bet, or subsidize this market.

predicted NO

@mattyb lol yeah just saying it would be a funny prank, dont think he’d do it

predicted NO

@TheBayesian Gabe knows I’ll break my bot+real world friends out before I lose mana in one of these markets.

@mattyb 3 newer timestamps than Gabe’s count… I think we need 1

predicted NO

@TheBayesian I texted a friend

@mattyb I'm skeptical of his count

predicted NO

@TheBayesian lol what’s your count?

predicted NO

@mattyb I'm gonna do it after I get my bot here LOL

predicted NO

@TheBayesian everybody’s got a bot these days 😂

@TheBayesian my count is 19…..

@mattyb likewise. and I can get 1 if the going gets tough ~~(or bring the market to 99% at the last second if nobody shows up hehe)~~

@TheBayesian 🫡 have fun! i’m watching my birds win