When will Jair Bolsonaro receive his passport back?
Before 2030
Before 2029
Before 2028
Before 2027
Before 2026
Before 2025

Brazilian authorities seized the passport of former President Jair Bolsonaro as part of an investigation into allegations of a coup attempt. This move is linked to investigations surrounding Bolsonaro's actions following his electoral loss to President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in 2022. The investigations focus on accusations that Bolsonaro edited a draft decree to overturn the election results, attempted to involve military chiefs in a coup, and plotted to jail a Supreme Court justice.

The seizure of Bolsonaro's passport is a significant legal action, suggesting authorities are taking the allegations seriously. It also indicates a strategy to mitigate the risk of him leaving the country while under investigation without the immediate political backlash that an arrest might provoke. Bolsonaro's response to the investigation has been to claim persecution, emphasizing that he's no longer in government and suggesting that the focus should be on the current administration.

This development has led to a broader probe that includes several of Bolsonaro's close allies and former ministers, highlighting the depth of the investigation into the alleged coup attempt. The case's outcome and the potential return of Bolsonaro's passport depend on the ongoing legal processes and findings.

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