Will there be evidence by 2030 that human selection on farmed mushrooms alters our gut microbiome?
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As someone who has grown mushrooms and have selected strains I know that fungi produces antibiotics to resist bacterial predation.

Selecting for mushrooms with antibiotic qualities I can imagine is very helpful at an industrial farming level to ensure good consistent crop.

The selection process would enhance potentially both the variety and the amount of antibiotics in mushrooms reaching consumer shelves.

As vegetarianism grows and our knowledge of our gut microbiome and it's vast effects increases it seems this could have a wide range of positive or negative health effects.

I have never seen any talk or study on this. If you do one yourself please reference this market. Knowing that Ketamine is now thought to influence depression through its antibiotic effects on the gut makes me wonder what further discoveries may be made.

This will resolve positive on the existence of an academic study that finds evidence that farmed mushrooms significantly influence gut microbiomes more than wild mushrooms.

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