Will Ford, GM, or Stellantis be bailed out by the US Government by end 2028?

Based on mainstream US media reports using this word, which have actually happened, not just plans or rumors. They should have actually received monetary or other changes to benefit and save the company before the deadline.

Conceptually: the company would have gone out of business or seriously been damaged by having to abandon large markets, sell off subsidiaries etc, if not for specific government action to keep them alive via financial or legal means, either openly acknowledged by politicians or reported by the Economist.

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Hey all. I'd really like to know what's going to happen here.

It seems like the strikers are asking for so much, even though Tesla seems so far ahead. Too many concessions would seem to hobble the companies ability to compete. It may seem like a win today, but over five years, can they survive the EV transition?

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