Will General Motors go bankrupt before 2030?

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Sell Ford, GM, and Stellantis, analyst says.


Sell Ford, GM, Stellantis Stock. ‘It’s Not You, It’s the Industry.’

By Al Root

Stock in Chrysler parent Stellantis picked up a new rating Monday: a Sell from Wells Fargo analyst Colin Langan that leaves him with downbeat calls on all of the Detroit Three auto makers.

Langan rates shares of General Motors GM 0.18% and Ford Motor F -1.26% at Sell as well.

“It’s not you, it’s the industry,” wrote the analyst in a Monday report launching coverage of Stellantis stock. He sees too many challenges for shares of any of the three companies to overcome in 2024.

His target price for Stellantis stock is €18 a share, or about $19.40, down about 15% from recent levels. His target price for GM shares is $27, off about 20% from recent levels, while his call of $10 on Ford stock implies a decline of about 10%.

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@BrianCaulfield there's a wide distance between GM being overvalued 25% and going bankrupt.

Also, the big 3 are national champions. D.C. worked hard last time for GM to avoid bankruptcy. And Ford indeed avoided.

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@MP True, but now we have a new national champion, in Tesla. Very different world right now.

This is possibly one of the stupidest probabilities on Manifold right now

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@Mikelon797 By „bankrupt“, do you mean formally file for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 at a court? Or something more colloquial, like failing some payments or news reports?

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@marketwise formally like in 2009

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