Wide acceptance of Lab Leak hypothesis for COVID only within 3 months of Fauci passing away

TL;DR - Lab Leak ideas for COVID origins will gain wide acceptance if and only if Fauci passes away, and also it will happen within 3 months of that.



If the NYTimes, Guardian, and Economist all have not already taken clearly pro-lab-leak stances


Fauci passes away


within 3 months, at least 2 of them will flip and admit that it's >50% that COVID origins have to do with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, either from their collection of viruses, leak, manipulation, testing, etc. Basically, that it wasn't just "accidental zoonosis right next to WIV".

If so, this is a YES.


If at least 1 of the major organizations has already come down >50% on the side of lab-leak, then this is NO.

If within 3 months of Fauci passing away, less than 2 of them flip, this is a NO.

No time limit, it will go until Fauci passes away. Will extend due date if needed. He was born in 1940, and so today in 2023 he is 82 years old.

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They’re saving it for war in taiwan strait obv

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