Elon Musk criticizes China or CCP through 2024

Resolves as YES if Elon Musk publicly criticizes China, Chinese government policy, the Chinese Communist Party, or major CCP figures (such as Xi Jinping) in the time period from the creation of this question to the start of 2025

Data must come from Musk's Twitter feed (or an equivalent social media source known to be operated by Musk) or a direct quote of Musk reported in a reputable news organization. Indirect attribution does not count. (For example, if a person goes on record and says that Elon was criticizing Xi at a party, then that doesn't count.)

If Musk tweets and then quickly deletes a criticism, the question will resolve as YES if the tweet was stored in a reputable archive website or stored and reported by a reputable news organization.

Any Musk criticisms that occurred before market creation do not qualify.

As it is hard to follow all of Musk's activity, I welcome market participants to report criticisms that may qualify in the comments page. Please provide a link to a data source that meets the criteria above.

The definition of criticism used in this question comes from the Oxford English Dictionary: "[Criticism is] the expression of disapproval of someone or something on the basis of perceived faults or mistakes."

Since I will have extraordinary discretion over what constitutes criticism, I will not purchase YES or NO tickets in this market or any related market.

Note: unless there is major controversy I will defer to the judgment of /mr22222222/elon-musk-criticizes-china-or-ccp-b

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Is bro against the entire country?