AI haircuts before 2030

Globally at least 1m people will get their hair cut by ai controlled systems before 2030

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@Odoacre yes let's go

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This has been feasible for a long time, and nothing about new AI advancements makes it more or less viable. It's probably just not worth it for anyone to invest in this technology.

@YoavTzfati An AI powered flowbee sounds too expensive to catch on

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How is everybody finding this? Almost my most popular market.

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Happy to see how balanced this market is. Like a good haircut only a machine could deliver.

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@StrayClimb from 2 years ago. Thing about this stuff isn't the technological innovation barrier but societal adoptation.

@firstuserhere adoption*

Don't forget military use, or pattern engraving

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Any ai component counts for example robot buzzes top and human completes the sodes

Lol, gotta give you credit for a creative question!