Is most of Tadej Pogacar's road cycling success still ahead of him as of November 2023?

As of 2023, Tadej Pogacar has achieved the following results at the highest level of pro cycling:

2 grand tour GC wins

14 grand tour stage wins

5 monument wins
4 additional 1.UWT wins

6 additional 2.UWT GC wins
12 additional 2.UWT stage wins

I am awarding these on a point scale:

Grand Tour GC - 9 points
WC/Monument - 5 points
2.UWT GC/ 1.UWT win - 3 points
GT stage - 2 points
2.UWT stage - 1 point

So, to date, he has earned:

5 monuments -> 25 points

2 GT GC -> 18 points

14 GT stage -> 28 points

4 1.UWT -> 12 points

6 2.UWT GC -> 18 points

12 2.UWT stage -> 12 points

For a total of 113 points.

From the creation time of this question, until the end of his career, if Tadej Pogacar earns 113 or more points, this question resolves Yes. If he earns 112 or fewer points, it resolves No.

If the classification of races changes in the future, we will adjust the points depending on exactly how the classifications change, it is too hard to predict what they might change to.

He is currently 25 years old.

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God I hope so. It barely started.

@NicoDelon I know. But at the same time when you type out his entire list of achievements so far, it sounds incredible to imagine doing it all again!

bought Ṁ1 of NO

If he wins 3-5 more grand tours that will help a lot.

This is my third question in this series and I am still not happy with the points system.

I don't want to use UCI Points, or PCS Points, and I definitely only want to count "WorldTour" level events -- no point farming .1s/.Pros.

If anyone has a suggestion for a better scoring system, I'm all ears. I think we can safely change the scoring system now, even if people are already betting -- my intention is to ask if he's already over the hill or not and I want to ask it in a way that does not result in me needing to make my own subjective judgement.

@Eliza Maybe consider this wonderful point system:

500 points for AGR

50 points for Giro GC

50 points for Giro ITT

50 points for WC ITT

20 points for Giro road stage

0 for everything else

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