Is most of Mathieu van der Poel's road cycling success still ahead of him as of October 2023?

As of 2023, MVDP has achieved the following results at the highest level of pro cycling:

4 monument wins

1 world championship

2 grand tour stage wins
4 additional 1.UWT wins
7 additional 2.UWT stage wins
1 2.UWT GC win

I am awarding these on a point scale:

Grand Tour GC - 7 points
WC/Monument - 5 points
GT stage - 3 points
1.UWT win - 2 points
2.UWT stage/GC wins - 1 point

So, to date, MVDP has earned 47 points on this scale.

From the creation time of this question, until the end of his career, if MVDP earns 47 or more points, this question resolves Yes. If he earns 46 or fewer points, it resolves No.

He is currently 28 years old.

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Why isn't AGR ranked with more points? 🇳🇱

@Lion When I originally posted the question I had 1.UWT accidentally ranked the same as 2.UWT, this is ridiculous so I fixed it to better reflect this.

@Eliza In my opinion, it should be above Monuments and WC ;)

But i respect wrong opinions on this one.

I have fixed the points and title to better reflect what I am asking.

Note that YES means he has more success in 2024 onward. NO means he's washed up already.