Will Tadej Pogacar win 20 or more monuments during his career?

Eddy Merckx currently holds the record for wins in monuments with 19. Tadej Pogačar has already won 5.

Resolves YES if Pogačar wins at least 20 monuments total before he retires.

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Theoretically he could win them all. Has to get lucky for Paris-Roubaix and MSR though. Even more for PR.
MSR is a lottery though, he can't win it consistently.
LBL and Lombardia are must wins every year if he wants to achieve it.

RVV is probably the most contested one right now, I doubt he can win it every year.

And then we thought he would win all the TdFs of the coming years in 2021. He is so far on 0 since then. There will be new guys who will beat him at LBL or Lombardia at some point. Or he crashes out like he did this year in LBL. And if he starts targetting other GTs that also worsens the form for other races.

He will end up with alot, but I hardly doubt he will beat the record.