Will an AI capable of playing Kerbal Space Program (1 or 2) at a proficient human level exist by the end of 2028?

It must be able to, given an out of game text instruction or in game contract like, for example, "send a rover to the Mun", make said vessel from stratch and land it on the Mun, and be able to do so for a variety of mission objectives. Using a preprogrammed mech-jeb equilivant or a doesn't count, it must learn everything from strach.

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Vincent Luczkow
is predicting YES at 81%

I expect us to have generic video game playing AI by then.

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This is many times harder than mineRL, and similar things that meta have done (see here https://ai.facebook.com/blog/craftassist-platform-for-collaborative-minecraft-bots/) which is not trivial even now, so unlikely, but possible. Probably fairly low chance because of how little attention is paid to an ~8yr old game, so would have to be either easyish for non-experts to do, or done by a game-playing AGI

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@Isaac228c Even less feasible for ksp2 because of the much higher possible valid inputs due to colonies, interstellar travel, multiplayer, etc.

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