Will popular opinion in the U.S. be that factory farming is a moral atrocity by end of 2050?

Resolves subjectively per my judgement. I will try to take into account polls/surveys and trader arguments into my resolution.

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Approximately 54% of US adults already say they agree with the statement, "The factory farming of animals is one of the most important social issues in the world today." What would it take for you to view popular opinion as it being a "moral atrocity"? I think if you asked the question directly, at least with a brief definition of factory farming (e.g., animals confined in small spaces), you would get >50% saying it is.

Given the number of soy people and their questionable morals toward the next generation—one can argue that eating anything except for meat is a moral atrocity

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<robin hanson voice> I also believe this should be mostly attributed to cultured meat being cheaper and tastier than slaughtered meat, with the moralization being mostly post-hoc.

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