Will factory farming have been outlawed in at least one country by 2050?

This question will resolve YES, if at least one country has outlawed factory farming by 2050. If factory farming is de facto, but not de jure, banned this question will also resolve YES. If no country has outlawed factory farming by 2050 this question will resolve NO. There are no conditions I can think of where this will resolve N/A.

Where it is unclear whether 'factory farming' has been banned I will use my discretion, in consultation with others in the comments, to decide. I will set a high bar, so small improvements in animal welfare will not count as 'outlawing factory farming'. Given the ambiguity, I will not participate in this market.

For context, the most recent attempt (I'm aware of) to outlaw it was a constitutional referendum in Switzerland in 2022 - which failed by a large margin.

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Just to be clear: you mean a ban on factory farming of all larger animals? Does that have to include fish? Where would you draw the line mire generally? (e.g. factory farming insects would presumably not resolve this to no?)

@MartinModrak This question will not include fish. If a country outlawed factory farming (which for the purposes of this question covers the larger animals - chickens, cows, turkeys etc) but still allowed some similar practice for insects this market would resolve YES.

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