Will AI be able to generate a PPT slide deck via text prompts by end of 2023?
resolved Aug 14

Must be able to create unique, specific content based on the text prompt (similar to Dalle). Pulling up the closest match to a pre-existing template does not count.

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After reviewing the suggested sites, I'm inclined to resolve this market YES. I typed a prompt into slidesAI.io and it created a sub-par deck that did provide unique, specific content based on my text prompt. This was in Slides, but it could easily be translated to PPT. There are also other paid / niche sites that will create slide decks using AI tools. Finally, Slides has the 'Help me visualize' functionality, which is tangentially helpful.

Please comment below if you disagree with this proposed resolution. I would resolve /CarsonGale/will-ai-be-able-to-generate-a-ppt-s-abf72b0b2c43 and /CarsonGale/will-ai-be-able-to-generate-a-ppt-s-49bdd2af2d27 similarly.

Candidly, this market was vague to start with and another market will likely do a better job of pre-defining quality thresholds (I didn't feel like I provided explicit enough guidance for traders in this market). The slides one can create now are not high enough quality to be helpful in actually creating PPT outputs - seems like more of a novelty as-is.

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@firstuserhere I'm.on vacation this week but can look into the options suggested when I get back. Sounds like the suggestion is this should already resolve to Yes?

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@CarsonGale yep, that's the suggestion. Nevermind the market, there's time. Have a good vacation!

I've seen hype videos from both Google and Microsoft indicating this is already possible. I will wait to resolve until I've tried it, but I'm expecting this to be a positive resolution in the near future.

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@CarsonGale is it still the near future? And if you have time, can you give a sense of the quality a YES resolution requires? E.g., I don't expect single-prompt PPT slide decks generated in 2023 to be something many people would be comfortable presenting to their coworkers even though, sure, it's trivial to get something that looks like a PPT slide deck in overall structure. (You can just take GPT-3 output and hard-code its labeled output into PPT titles, bullet points, and diffusion images.)

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@JacyAnthis For a positive resolution, there shouldn't be additional interaction required besides the text prompt. e.g., requesting PPT deck language from GPT and then copy/pasting them into a PPT deck wouldn't count.

As a rough sense, I would want the ability to request: "Please create 5 or more PPT slides detailing the origin of Yoda in the Star Wars anthology" and output a PPT that is roughly what I would expect from such a slide deck.

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@CarsonGale JTBC I'm not imagining any additional interaction in the trivial process I mention above. The emplotment would be preprogrammed.

Your Yoda prompt doesn't really clarify your quality bar for me, but I appreciate it.

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act-1 and co

@L could you please clarify?

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@L wow that is amazing

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