Will a human clone be born before the end of 2035?

This market will resolve to YES if, before the end of 2035, a human clone is born and survives for at least one day. Only creating a fertilized egg will not count, the embryo must be grown until birth.

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This is wildly wrong

How does this resolve if it's discovered a human clone has already been made?

@JaesonBooker Hopefully that won't be a problem, but usually people assume that the event in question has to happen after the market is made unless specified otherwise. So, I'll say that it would not count if a human clone was made before this question was created.

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I'm betting NO, technologically it has been possible to do for a while, but it's considered unethical and there's little incentive to do it beyond science for science's sake.

@ProjectVictory when I lived in HKG there was a scandal: https://foreignpolicy.com/2019/11/08/cloning-crispr-he-jiankui-china-biotech-boom-could-transform-lives-destroy-them/

Not sure what has happens since then - but I assume it never really stopped.

Resolves YES, I have met identical twins 😂

@egroj That's fair lol, I guess I should specify that the clone has to be artificially created using the genetic material of a human who had already been born.

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