Will we be able to clone a human being from a live sample of their DNA by 2040?

Something like 23 and me.

"Spit in this tube / take this swab, and send it to us. We'll create a fertilized egg with your DNA replicated"

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I strongly doubt that, even if this did exist, it would "anything like 23andme"

Does it have to work, that is, the cloned egg has to survive and become a human for this to resolve yes?

We already have the technology for this, more or less, but it's not legal.

"Will we be able to", yes

"Will we actually do it", probably not.

Can you be clear on what you mean?

@HArmando I would interpret this to mean the more literal "Can we as consumers clone a human being" given their parallel to "23 and Me".

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i think this is more about the legality and social acceptability than the technical feasibility

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