Will the Manifold website be fast by the end of 2023?
resolved Feb 1

Resolves to YES if in my subjective opinion Manifold is fast by December 31, 2023. If Manifold becomes fast and then slow again, resolves YES anyways.

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I think @ManifoldMarkets did a great job improving this fwiw.
The difference from where it was to where it is now is huge.
I can browse without the frustration i used to. My brain cares a lot more about seconds than it does about miliseconds. It was previously priority no.1 imo, now it is significantly further down that list.
Oh i dont remember what it was like in november, definitly back in August/September time there were significant issues.

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@GeorgeVii I agree that it's a lot better than it was and that's impressive, fwiw!

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not a resolution I'd agree with, but it's subjective!

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I hope they prove me wrong on this. It's so freaking laggy. :-(

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I made a variation on this that resolves sooner, since I really hope we don't have to wait a whole year. :)

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It would be cool to have public metrics for this, like historical server latency/availability, lighthouse scores or something like that.

What happens if it becomes fast for a short time, and you don't personally notice because you're not using Manifold at the time?

@IsaacKing Ok, I guess the more specific resolution criteria would be "I'll keep using Manifold like normal, and if there's ever a day when I didn't have to wait more than ~a second for anything to load, this resolves yes on that day."

@AndrewG "for something to load"* (i.e. for all things x that load, loading time (x) < 1 sec)

@AndrewG Wow, I used it today, and everything was very fast. The thing that impressed me most is that the profit graphs and portfolio of @acc all loaded in about a second for me, which is way, way faster than before! Thus, resolving this YES.


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The fast-and-then-slow again condition is key, I think.