Will Manifold be effectively bug-free at the end of 2023?
closes Jan 1

At the moment, Manifold has a lot of bugs. This is understandble; they're still a new platform, they're rapidly changing things to find out what works, and right now it makes more sense to prioritize the most visible and impactful changes. But at some point, I'd hope they pivot to a focus on making the site more reliable and less frustrating to use.

Not every successful company does this. Facebook and Minecraft are two pieces of software that got extremely popular despite being riddled with bugs that the creators don't seem to care in the slightest about fixing.

I will resolve this based on my opinion of what is a bug, not the Manifold devs' opinion. I'll try to be reasonable about this; I'm not going to count the close date being off by 1 minute, since that was clearly intentional and a lot of people think it should work that way. But I will count something like excessivly long loading times as a bug, and I won't let the devs get away with saying "it's not a bug, it's a feature" about functionality that would obviously be better if it worked some other way.

The site doesn't have to be literally 100% bug-free in order for this to resolve YES. It's ok if there's some small bug that only occurs in a corner case most users won't encounter.

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perilous reso criteria

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I've put M$1000 on no as an incentive. :)

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