When will the first NATO troops be on the ground in Ukraine?
before July 2024
before December 2024
before July 2025
before December 2025
Later or never

Official deployments only. Militias and special operations do not count for the purpose of this question. Non-combat units or weapon systems do not count.

Resolves YES for all answers before the event.

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Later or never

I just realized this option is guaranteed to resolve yes :/

@AlexbGoode in practical terms, probably yes, but not logically - it should resolve NO if there are ever NATO troops in Ukraine.

@BrunoParga The way I phrased the question means if an earlier version resolves to YES all the later ones will resolve yes as well. And 'never or later' will resolve YES if one of the earlier options resolve yes as well. I wanted something like a cumulative distribution. But for this the 'later or never' option doesn't make sense.

@AlexbGoode I interpreted the last answer as 'later' but not before december 2025, or never.

@Bart5f6d That was also what I intended. But not what I wrote. So, yeah mea culpa...