Will Scott Alexander join a London Rationalish meeting by the end of the year?
Dec 31
M$20 bet
London Rationalish identifies as a fortnightly London-based meetup for members of the rationalist diaspora. The diaspora includes, but is not limited to, LessWrong, Astral Codex Ten, rationalist tumblrsphere, and parts of the Effective Altruism movement. Scott Alexander is a doctor on the US West Coast, currently working on new models for mental health care at Lorien Psychiatry. He has also written Unsong, a serial novel about alternate history American kabbalists. Currently, he's blogging at the Astral Codex Ten Substack. Jun 15, 5:31pm: I can clarify that if there's an ACX/Rationalish event like last year where Scott visits London, this market will resolve as a Yes.