What will be the USA's official languages in 2050?
Any other natural language
Any constructed language

Independent resolution. The United States currently has no official language.

Resolves YES to any of the above that are de jure official national languages at the federal level at the beginning of 2050. This may be done by a law specifying the language as mandatory in federal government communications, mandatory in public schools at the federal level, or another legally defined official status for the language.

  • A natural language is any naturally developed language spoken in the world (also pidgins, dialects, etc.)

  • A constructed language is a deliberately devised modern language, like Esperanto or Klingon.

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  • it is unclear to what extent mandating the use of a language by the federal government is the same as declaring a language as official. To declare a language as official there would need to be a law saying "the official language is Pig Latin" or something like that.

  • Under the current Constitution, the federal government might not have the authority to mandate schools to use a given language.

  • Your point about pidgins is unclear. They are natural languages that arise out of real communication needs, unlike conlangs; so they count as natural languages, right?

since you're looking for de jure, do these all resolve NO if no official language is in place?

@Stralor Correct

@Stralor which is the case now. There is no official USA language

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