Will the United States of America consist of 50 states until 2050?

This market will resolve YES if by January 1 2050, the number of states in the USA remains 50.

A U.S. state is a region with its own government, part of the federal system. States have representation in Congress, autonomy in local matters, and are admitted through Congressional approval. Puerto Rico, however, is a U.S. territory, not a state.

To join the USA, a territory must conduct a referendum indicating the desire for statehood, and then Congress must pass a statehood bill that the President signs. This process involves both the will of the territory's residents and legislative action at the federal level.

For a state to leave the Union, there is no established legal or constitutional process. The U.S. Supreme Court's 1869 Texas v. White decision implies that a state cannot unilaterally secede and that any such act would be considered unconstitutional.

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If at any time the number of states in the US is different than 50, does this market immediately resolve no ? ie, if the number of states changes several times between now and 1st Jan 2050 but is 50 again on Jan 1st 2050, how does this market resolve ?

(Sorry if I'm asking about something that is actually unambiguous, as I'm not a native English speaker)

@Mich You are right, I am not native neither. I will try to fix the wording

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