🐲Will I Slay all 20 Top Creators by the end of 2024?
1 slain
2 slain
3 slain
4 slain
5 slain
6 slain
7 slain
8 slain
9 slain
10 slain
11 slain
12 slain
13 slain
Leaderboard Earthquake
Pivot announced
Leaderboard change again
14 slain
15 slain
16 slain
17 slain
18 slain

I started Manifold back in November, and became a top 100 creator on my 40th day. Recently I just breached the top 20 on my 100th day. Now that I'm finally at the endgame, will I be able to overtake all 20 of the current leaderboard creators by the end of the year, despite having way less mana and history? Tune in to find out!

See: /strutheo/how-many-top-creators-will-i-slay-b

Link: https://manifold.markets/leaderboards

Get Ṁ600 play money
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Oh my, this looks daunting 😃 keep on keeping on!




top 3 on 180th day


new allies obtained, three more spots to go


as i approached the final throne, i saw what was behind it - not bte, but manifold itself

they've sent me back in time and are changing the rules on us, but there are still months left in the year

Before the final blow was struck, I throw open a portal in time and flung him into the future where my evil is strong! Now the fool seeks to return to the past and undo the future that is AKU!!!

... the devs flipped my warthog over at the last second

lets see if they right it before the pivot comes

How will pivot stop you? Will it delete the ladder/top or the trader counter?

@KongoLandwalker It makes it way more expensive to create a market.


at long last, #2

help me speedrun the final level as the pivot closes in on us!

9000 to go

bought Ṁ450 YES

Rough proxy for effects of pivot


something is changing in the code - everyone's trader numbers are shifting wildly. -10K traders! +6K traders! who knows where I'll end up when the aftershocks subside


just went up 14K but i am not counting this yet until its over

the leaderboards have been frozen since the ice spell was cast, i have no idea how far ive gone since then.❄️

also the weather turns worse soon - the trader bonuses are also going to be removed, so i am doing my best to store up mana to last. and hope the spice brings new tools to help me.

if you want to trade in my markets, nows the time before the transaction fees kick in!

I am liking my questions downthread to BTE: if your proposed competitor to Manifold is so great, why can’t you quit Manifold?

in the night a great power cast a spell that froze two opponents in a deep slumber, the gods favor my quest



@strutheo now i must go on a sidequest to recruit an ally!

@strutheo Allies you have many, if only situational ones. No need to recruit them. If you do what you are doing with clear eyes and cold blood, and what you are doing is worth doing, the people whose interests are aligned will turn up. If this doesn’t happen after a long while then probably you are beating head on brick wall. Trick is, no one knows how long that while is.

@ClubmasterTransparent wise words 🪷🧘

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