📆What will happen in 2024? [ADD RESPONSES]
January starts
February starts
March starts
April starts
May starts
new iphone releases
trump and biden debate
spacex makes 100 launches in 1 year, all in 2024
Manifold users rate manifold politics as a successful experiment at eoy
biden takes a trip outside the USA
someone gets 1M spice (points)
joseph anderson releases his long awaited witcher 3 video
any country starts a new invasion of another country
bitcoin reaches 80k USD
A famous global brand undergoes a rebranding
Bitcoin closes higher on Festivus (Dec. 23, 2024) than it closed on Festivus (Dec. 23, 2023) [EST] ***- $43,739.54 - closing price on Festivus 2023***
Any world leader says a racial slur
Israel : Hamas Ceasefire
Skate 4 Release
gpt 5 released
Manifold raises more money (through grant, investment, or other means, at least $100K)
Mel Brooks Lives to see 98 Years Old
contrapoints releases a video after Twilight
Trump posts a tweet to @realdonaldtrump
at least two instances of whales attacking boats in the ocean reported by the news

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at least two instances of whales attacking boats in the ocean reported by the news

A ship was sank today by orcas


may bump


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should resolve YES

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They’re going to artificially bump profit number by 10x so this is almost guaranteed to happen

@JamesF doesnt feel in the spirit of when i made this :\ might NA

@JamesF I don't think they're increasing the amount of mana, just changing the exchange rate.

@JamesF Changing $ exchange rate, does that change profit rate? I doubt that. I think there will be an increase in profit per market due to increased cost of creation but I don't know by how much. There may also be a decrease in markets because of increased cost of creation?

I am not sure what will happen perhaps top profit maker does make quite a bit more than 144k last month maybe more like 1 million a month but is the top profit maker the same each month?
8 months left in this year.

@ChristopherRandles On the discord they said that on the leaderboard they were going to increase to profit because they devalued mana

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@JamesF I think this is the same mechanism, I am talking about. Increased claim creation cost means greater profit can be made on each question. How do you think they are going to increase profit other than through this mechanism?

spacex makes 100 launches in 1 year, all in 2024
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Falcon 9 launch 217 to 324 is over 100 in 1 year. (You didn't specify the 1 year had to be all in 2024 ;)

@ChristopherRandles you know what i mean wise guy

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Q2 bump!




april bump

Over 6.8M

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@strutheo: https://www.aol.com/father-boy-died-falling-off-143357965.html

Falling out of the ride clearly seems like a form of ride failure or negligence. The website describes ICON Park as a theme park: "ICON Park is the only entertainment complex that offers the Orlando-sized fun of theme parks, in a way that is affordable and easy." (https://iconparkorlando.com/about/)

@SaviorofPlant ill have to read into this, falling off doesnt necessarily guarantee an equipment failure imo

@SaviorofPlant might be from 2022

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@strutheo Ah yeah it is, I could've sworn I saw "last month". Sorry, this is irrelevant then

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