⏳Of these 40 events, which will be the first 20 to happen in 2024? (12 DONE)
Earth Defense Force 6 releases
Elden Ring DLC Releases
Trump announces Vice President running mate
new apple iphone releases
Joseph Anderson releases long awaited Witcher 3 video
Manifold (the company) announces they have raised more money through grant/investors/etc
Skate 4 releases
next version of Chat GPT (4.5 or 5) releases to the general userbase
Earthquake magnitude 7.8 or higher somewhere in the world
Imu face reveal in One Piece manga
Twitter releases a Peer to Peer payment system to free or premium users
Rust (game) adds pets to the official servers
Taylor Swift announces engagement or marriage
Skibidi Toilet ends their original series
Ark Survival Evolved 2 releases
Manifold reaches 2000 engaged users
Manifold reaches 12,000 Monthly active users
Twitter gets a new CEO
GenoSamuel releases Chris Chan History #86
Lego releases a record breaking set with the most pieces (bigger than Lego Art World Map)

The first 20 events in this market that happen will resolve YES, the other 20 will resolve NO. If only a few resolve YES, the remaining answers will all resolve NO at end of year.

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bought Ṁ100 Earth Defense Force ... YES

earth defense force 6 release date - july 25 announced

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Hades 2 is out this morning!

seem like quite a lot of unboxings, so I think this can resolve

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This should resolve YES:

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april bump

next version of Chat GPT (4.5 or 5) releases to the general userbase

If OpenAI releases a major successor to GPT-4, but it is not called GPT-5, will this resolve YES?

@chris if they call it 4.5 or 5 ill resolve yes, but not if it is just a small improvement on 4 itself

bought Ṁ100 Answer #ba098a31b073 NO

@strutheo How about if they call it something completely new (new naming scheme)

reddit IPO is 7th

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6/20 complete now

Over 6.8M

GenoSamuel releases Chris Chan History #86

After 85 "This will be my final Chris Chan doc for a good long while, possibly a year or longer."

Earthquake magnitude 7.8 or higher somewhere in the world

In the world? Does that mean an Ioquake could qualify? Or is that ruled out by using term earthquake? Anyway it is not likely that we get a measurement. So really wondering if this should say on Earth rather than in the world.

@ChristopherRandles world = earth here lol

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here's.... ANOTHER ONE


bump for an update

@ChristopherRandles i was expecting the news to report on it like last year. honestly im down to NA/change it if this is vague or ongoing, i needed a 40th answer but it isnt the most fun one.

SV Nagambie - en route between Tangier to Cascais. Interaction about 25nm south-west of Cascais on Feb 20 at 1pm. 40 minutes of rudder-bumping, steering still intact, and haven’t dived on it yet so don’t know if there is damage. 3 orcas - 2 juvenile 1 adult.

Took sails down, shut off depth sounder, motored tight circles in reverse in high rpm. That seemed to end the interaction. Started up again and they returned immediately. Repeated the process, and then continued for 20 minutes to be sure they were gone.

With lots of info like this available probably getting less serious because skippers know what to do and less newsworthy

Orca interactions (158) how many do you need to say it is ongoing?

Elden Ring DLC Releases
bought Ṁ100 Elden Ring DLC Releases YES

Currently scheduled June 21st

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11 Feb 2024 fatal incident is listed twice at case numbers 230 and 231.

@ChristopherRandles yes they corrected it thanks

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