🆒CoolFold 100 Challenge: Which of these events will happen LAST (or not at all) in chronological order? (2/100 DONE)
Grand Theft Auto 6 releases
Book of Mormon ends on Broadway
Bitcoin reaches $100K USD
Shrek 5 releases
Kingdom Hearts 4 releases
Death Stranding 2 releases
Civilization 7 releases
Sagrada Familia Church completed
One piece manga ends
Another MLB perfect game pitched
Uber OR Lyft bankrupt / acquired / ceases
New Pope after Francis
Skibidi Toilet ends
Another Five Nights at Freddy's movie comes out
Human runs official marathon under 2h
Human walks on moon again
First female USA president
The first $5T market cap company
Manifold reaches 20K MAU
Russia / Ukraine conflict ceasefire

README: Each answer will resolve to a percent as they happen, starting with 1% for the first event and working upwards:

  • 1st event: 1% (happens soonest)

  • 2nd event: 2% (happens next)


  • 100th event: 100% (happens latest)

If there is only one unresolved answer left, it will be resolved to 100% YES even if that event does not actually happen, since we could we waiting for a very long time.

If there is a renumbering or new product (eg. the next Civilization game after 6 is named something else) I'll update the answers the best I can in the spirit of the question, a lot will change over 100+ years.

If an option becomes impossible, ask and I'll try to clarify in the answer text. If it cannot be done in a good way, we'll NA that option.

For the future mods that have to deal with this good luck.

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shrek 5 just announced for 2026 some time

apparently likely to happen some time after the US adds the 52nd state

bought Ṁ10 Answer #f4dbd1995b44 NO

Haha, I'll arb that

The first $5T market cap company

coming up soon

Happening Thursday

good find haha

uhoh (not canceled yet though!)

Sagrada Familia Church completed

theyre now claiming end of 2026 for this


our first resolution 67 days after creation !

Just clarifying — would this mean:

(A) [the previous incarnation that comes BEFORE the 20th Doctor] regenerating into [the 20th Doctor],


(B) [the 20th Doctor] regenerating into [the next incarnation that comes AFTER the 20th Doctor]?

And a similar "(A) or (B)?" for the "25th Doctor" question.

@PaintspotInfez the 20th one is revealed and becomes the new one , is what i meant

@strutheo - so (A) presumably. Got it! :D

the more i learn about this, it might have happened before the question was made, so i might NA/make another


so close to our first one finally!

@strutheo What's the licensing agreement look like for, "Coolfold?"

@KeenenWatts haha you can dm me, anything in the true spirit of coolfold can use the #coolfold tag (maybe not be an official CoolFold challenge though)


looking like sweden might be the first one!

@strutheo does anything which hasn't happened by 2120 resolve 100%, or will this market be extended?

@DanielTilkin im fine with it going on forever, thats for another generation to decide tbh

@strutheo This could be summer or winter olympics, right? I assume things like the Youth Olympic Games don't count for this?

@DanielTilkin either summer or winter, no youth wont count

death stranding 2 trailer just dropped - looking at a 2025 release date

Assuming if Twitter ceases operations with Yaccarino at the helm, and never gets another CEO, this would count. Or if she leaves, and the CEO role never filled for some reason. Maybe Elon installs his brother as Grand Poobah.


i'm going to take a snapshot of how this looks 1 month after creation, get your adjustments in by eom


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