Bet on love
Increased Creation Costs
Partner program starts
Profile & Portfolio merged
Manifold.Love sunset
New Numeric market type
Browse ui update, color fill binary mc markets
Austin leaves Manifold team
1-99 bet limit on some markets
Mana economy changes
New mana USD prices
Mana transaction fees enabled
Pivot announcement
Pivot update delaying changes
Updated portfolio graphs
NA ability removed
Night before pivot selloff
Pivot: Spice/Points added, Mana devalued, Market cost changed

Use mana to let the team know what you think about how they're running the website. 100% means everyone is happy with the direction Manifold is going and the team behind it, and 0% means something has probably gone tragically wrong.

  • Does not impact profit rankings

  • Permanently open market, will not resolve.

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we Manifolders (manifolk?) sure do love our Keynesian beauty contests


Is anything happening yet? Not getting those 5 mana notifications is making me anxious. Are we pivoting back yet?

@Predictor we got our last bonuses :(

@strutheo This is like my only notification. ๐ŸŒต

same... it feels very lonely now

bought แน€1,000 YES

I bet Yes because I respond positively to bribes.

4 traders bought แน€350 YES

@KeenenW Itโ€™s like 9 free markets.

@Predictor I will take your free markets if you don't want them

@KeenenW I have a Jimmy Carter market I need to attend to first.

@KeenenW Odds are way out of whack.

@Predictor Yeah, the Grandson baited everyone and I made like 5k on trader bonus on @JCDM

@KeenenW Perfect timing on that.


Pivot has begun

@strutheo what do prize points do, and how do we obtain them?

So when can I buy mana at the new rate? I can't be sure, but it seems like today is May 16.

@TiredCliche was about to make a joke numeric market on what day today is but then remembered the new prices are sky high and I already donated my spare mana ๐Ÿ˜”

bought แน€19 YES

x9 (planned) multiplication on purchased mana

bought แน€100 NO from 42% to 39%

@strutheo Maybe some of the guidelines haven't updated yet? This page still says insider trading is encouraged: https://www.notion.so/manifoldmarkets/Account-manipulation-guidelines-85887f86dc1642068e100d132fe4c8ad

@strutheo 1-4) Manifold must be SERIOUS. No fun allowed.

@TimothyJohnson5c16 Yeah, they haven't updated yet. I think they just wrote the note saying what changes they're planning to add. and they didn't even finish that, since we don't know what the mysterious 5th change is

5) ??

6) Profit

sold แน€40 YES

@strutheo maybe I'm just much more excited for news/information than the average user, but insider trading seems like one of the best features of prediction markets. I will be sad if that guideline starts being enforced like a rule.

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