How many people will attend Manifest 2023? [MORE SPECIFIC]
closes Sep 27
0-175 [fewer than or equal to 175]
> 400 [more than equal to 401]

Resolves based on the total number of attendees & guests of honor at Manifest 2023, the inaugural forecasting & prediction market conference hosted by Manifold.

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The original market on this question (linked below) had buckets with ranges of 100 people; we made it before we knew a lot of the specifics. Now, it's looking pretty likely that the attendance will be somewhere between 200 and 400 — or at least, the original market is saying ~83% as of the time of this writing (Thurs Sept 14 5:46pm PT). So here's a more specific market!

Original market:

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Manifest Conference

currently: 310 total guests, composed of ~25 guests of honor, ~60 invitees, 109 paid tickets, and 110 students :D