Will a global pandemic of a novel infectious disease, similar to COVID-19, occur by 2030?

A COVID-like global pandemic refers to the restrictions and measures implemented by authorities as pointed below:

  1. Stay-at-Home Orders: Residents are advised or mandated to stay at home except for essential activities, such as buying groceries, seeking medical care, or going to work if their job is deemed essential.

  2. Closure of Non-Essential Businesses: Non-essential businesses, such as restaurants, bars, gyms, and entertainment venues, may be temporarily closed to reduce gatherings.

  3. Remote Work: Companies and organizations may implement work-from-home policies to minimize the number of people in offices and other workspaces.

  4. Travel Restrictions: Restrictions on domestic and international travel may be imposed to prevent the movement of individuals between regions and countries.

  5. Social Distancing: People are encouraged to maintain physical distance from others, typically around 6 feet.

  6. Mask Mandates: The use of face masks may be mandated in public spaces to provide an additional layer of protection against respiratory droplets.

  7. Limitations on Gatherings: Restrictions on the size of gatherings, including events, parties, and religious ceremonies, are often implemented to prevent large gatherings.

  • If ANY of the above numbered event occurs, the question will resolve to YES.

  • The above mentioned event MUST occur within the USA.

  • The above mentioned event MUST occur nation-wide (more than 60% of the States implements lockdown).

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