Will the Solar Electric Car Lightyear 2 be shipped before the end of 2026?

On the site, they mention that production will start at the end of 2025: https://lightyear.one/lightyear-2

For additional context, I recommend ColdFusion's video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkCXwlmLCTs

He basically says the company went bankrupt after trying to manufacture the more expensive Lightyear 0 but has gotten a second chance to make the more affordable Lightyear 2. Personally, I am betting "YES" because not only did the prototypes work perfectly, but I also think the first failure had to do with the economic difficulties in current times, and that they are going to learn from their mistakes. Also, they succeeded multiple times in creating the best solar cars in contests.

This question will resolve to YES if the company regularly starts shipping cars by the end of 2026, even if they haven't shipped all the pre-ordered cars yet. Otherwise, it will resolve to NO.

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